Our most recent project is a joint partnership with MBK Prodigy Consulting Group and Stellar Professionals LLC. StellarCare4Veterans. This is a retreat ffor veterans suffering from PTSD, to be Held at the Turtle Bay Resort, on the island of O'ahu on January 10-16 th.

To provide these veterans with education to understand their disease, relationship and marriage building skills, and other related information, while taking advantage of the restful and peaceful atmosphere and the sharing of related experiences with other veterans.


On January 16, 2016 the combined efforts of Stellar Care 4 Vets, MBK Prodigy LLC, and Tri Cord Consulting Group successfully completed the retreat for veterans suffering with PTSD with fantastic results experienced by the veterans, their caregivers/wives, and the combined staff in attendance.


The transformation in the positive behaviors and attitudes of the guests was remarkable to witness, the informational sessions restored hope, dignity, and a renewed sense of belonging, community involvement, and sefl esteem.


The successful completion of this project will lead to the duplication and expansion of similar projects in various states as the year progresses.

PROJECT //  02
PROJECT //  01


The next scheduled project will take place in Maricopa County, Arizona during the first week of May 2016. The theme is focused on "Womens Empowerment" and will target women who have experienced many forms of abuse, incarceration, relationship and marriage challenges, PTSD and many of life's other negative impacts on their present and future.


This is another joint effort of MBK Prodigy Consulting Group, Stellar Professional Services LLC, and Tri Cord Consulting Group, to include presenters Mr. Leo Bogee, and Eric Hurd.


This team effort has been named Phase Two of the Stellar Care 4 Vets Retreat held at the beautiful Turtle Bay Resort from Jan 10-16th, 2016 on the North Shore of O`ahu, Hawaii. The Arizona project is the first one in it's area and promises to become the predecessor of many more future events.

Project 03

Titled The Street Stores Event was organized by LauraLyn Jansen and Suzanne Smith to collect donated clothing to be distributed for free to those who are living in the homeless community in Waianae.

The event occurred without a hitch in cooperation with the Leeward Coast HCAP organization on the same day 12/20/2016 of their Food BankDistribution outside along the fence line of the property.

This event was the first of its' kind in Hawaii and is representative of the Street Stores International organization that started this series of events in South Africa.

Pictures of this even can be found on this website under The Street Stores Event.

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